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Design and Conception Rules for Fuel Assemblies of Nuclear Power Plants
of Nuclear Islands

Every user of the code may establish (in French or English language) requests for interpretation or modification. He fills then the ad-hoc downloaded form.

Modification requests have to take the shape of proposals of modification of the code, and be accompanied with the necessary justifications. When the request is rejected, an argued answer is sent to the applicant. When the request is accepted, it can be with some adaptations. She may also be grouped with other requests relative to the same subject. One or several requests lead then to a Modification sheet, sent to the applicant and integrated into the following code addendum. From their acceptance by AFCEN, modification sheets can be used in contractual applications after agreement between customer and supplier.

Modification requests are discussed by AFCEN in French language. The French version of the modification sheets is thus valid in case of difference with its English translation.

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